Adventure Academy - Child Development Center
The Toddler Room is filled with age appropriate toys that encourage exploration and discovery, and that enhance a child's overall development.
In this room, children begin to learn the basic fundamentals of who they are and what their actions can do.  They begin to foster a sense of independence as they not only learn to follow simple directions, but also get to use their imaginations to express themselves during free play.
This room is full of various toys that children can use to classify, sort, match and stack, as well as puzzles and crayons to develop hand-eye coordination.
Simple art projects introduce children to a variety of textures and materials.  Art is a way of helping a child develop sensory exploration, cognitive and fine motor skills, and helps each child explore the world of creative expression.
Toddler Schedule
6:30 am     Adventure Academy opens; Arrival and free play
8:30 am     Outdoor Play
9:00 am     Diapers/Potty Training & wash hands
9:20 am     Morning Snack
9:45 am     Free Play
10:00 am   Circle Time; singing and books
10:30 am   Planned activities or art project
11:00 am    Diapers/Potty Training
11:15 am   Outdoor play, walks, buggy rides
11:45 am   Prepare for lunch; Wash hands
12:00 pm   Lunch time
12:30 pm   Clean up from lunch; Diapers/Potty Training
12:45 pm   Free Play, Story Time and prepare for nap
1:30 pm     Nap Time
3:00 pm     Diapers/Potty Training
3:30 pm     Afternoon Snack
4:00 pm     Free play; manipulatives, playdoh, etc. or outdoor play
5:00 pm     Departure
6:00 pm     Adventure Academy closes


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